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How to leverage Digital-First AR

Join us as we discuss how WebAR opens the door to a whole new world of digital-first delivery methods for your AR experiences and show you how to start leveraging this new capability today.

Universal AR: Example Project Library

Join Zappar’s resident AR specialists, George Martin and Francesca Ellis, as they discuss the new Universal AR Example Project Library, the examples contained within, and how to use these examples to create your own Universal AR projects.

Easy-build AR with ZapWorks Studio Project Templates

Join Zappar’s CRM Executive, Christie Clark, as she builds powerful AR experiences using ZapWorks Studio Templates in minutes.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Eden Reforestation Projects

In this webinar, we'll be talking about the partnership between Zappar and Eden Reforestation Projects and how your plan (and ZapBox) purchases are making a difference to our planet.

The 5 Cs and Ds for AR Success

In this webinar, our CEO and Managing Director will be coming together to share Zappar’s framework for creating successful AR experiences.

Augmenting the Marketing Mix with WebAR

In this webinar Zappar’s Managing Director, Max Dawes will be sitting down with ZapWorks user, Johan Walters from Digital Narrative to talk about their WebAR campaign with Durbanville Hills wines.

Branding your AR experience

Join AR experts Dave Mather and George Martin as they discuss the many ways in which you can personalise and brand the AR experiences you publish with ZapWorks.

Universal AR for React+three.js

We are delighted to be announcing the release of Zappar’s Universal AR for React+three.js SDK and invite you to join us for a live demo.

Year in AR - 2020

Continuing the tradition of last year's end of year round-up, join our Managing Director (Max Dawes) and Co-Founders (Caspar Thykier, Connell Gauld, and Simon Taylor) as they reflect on 2020 and look forward to 2021 and what's to come.

Rated AR: the future of journaling

Join our Head of Commercial, Dave Mather as he sits down with AR evangelist and CEO of L.Michelle Media, L.Michelle Salvant, to delve into the possibilities of using AR as a storytelling medium for personal life reflection that extends beyond the traditional journal.

How to choose which AR tools work best for you

Whether you are new to AR or a master of the technology we have designed our tools to be accessible to everyone whatever your skill level or use case. Join George and Francesca from our Learning & Support team as they talk you through the ZapWorks options and help you decide which of our AR tools work best for you.

Introducing all-new ZapBox

To mark the launch of all-new ZapBox on Kickstarter, we invite you to join Zappar’s CEO, Caspar Thykier, Co-founder and Chief Research & Development Officer Simon Taylor and our Industrial Design Consultant Steven Spong, MD of Runnerfly, as they discuss all-new ZapBox and the next phase of affordable Mixed Reality.