The 5 Cs and Ds for AR Success

In this webinar, Zappar’s CEO (Caspar Thykier) and Managing Director (Max Dawes) will be talking through Zappar’s framework for success when coming up with the best execution and development processes for AR experiences. Having spent the past decade delivering 100s of AR experiences around the world working, directly with brands and their agencies, this tried and tested framework has proven useful time and time again.

Caspar will be sharing Zappar’s five Cs for success in AR (a framework for thinking about campaign activation) and Max will be showcasing the business’ five Ds development process (to get from initial brief to final deployment).

As with all ZapWorks webinars, the last 15 minutes will be left open for Q&A.

What you’ll learn:

1. The process Zappar went through to develop the 5 C’s and D’s 
2. Why structuring processes like these matter
3. The 5 C’s for success in AR
4. The 5 D’s development process


Max Dawes

Max Dawes, Managing Director at Zappar

Max Dawes, Managing Director at Zappar

Max advises retailers, brands and agencies on their AR/VR/MR strategy working with Zappar’s partners including the likes of Coca-Cola, Warner Bros., Carrefour, Vodafone and hundreds of others.

Caspar Thykier

Caspar Thykier, Chief Executive Officer at Zappar

Caspar Thykier, Chief Executive Officer at Zappar

Caspar is one of Zappar's Co-Founders and is responsible for driving Zappar’s mission to make Augmented Reality technology accessible to the masses - putting the tools in the hands of as many people as possible.