The must-have addition to your Learning and development toolkit

The must-have addition to your L&D toolkit

Say goodbye to boring 2D learning solutions. Zapworks makes your learning experiences infinitely more engaging, interactive and memorable.

What are the benefits of immersive learning?

The modern workforce is busy, under-resourced, and distributed. Traditional methods like eLearning and paper-based learning are becoming less effective and outdated. Incorporating AR into your learning solutions has been proven to increase visual attention in learners by 95% (NeuroInsight) and knowledge retention by up to 70% – deepening engagement and interactivity when compared with more traditional forms of learning.

Increase engagement across all your learning solutions

No more fighting short attention spans. Zapworks enables your teams to engage with bite-sized immersive content directly on their smartphones, allowing them to quickly grasp important information in less than 5 minutes.

Employee onboarding with a more personal touch

Build more personalised employee onboarding experiences in Zapworks Designer. Use 3D avatars or alpha channel video of subject matter experts or company founders that feel like they’re in the room with you. Deploy and distribute instantly to mobile devices or headsets.

Soft skills training that feels like entertainment

Gone are the days of monotonous 2D videos or slide presentations. Instead, learners can interact with 3D content for deeper engagement, overlay information on real-world scenarios for greater context or undertake practical simulations in real-time.

Engage and train remote workers using 360 Interactive Tours

Ensuring that remote workers have the same learning opportunities as those in the office is challenging. Zapworks can help you bridge this gap with interactive office tours and 360 videos – all delivered via the mobile web or on the leading share of headsets, such as the Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quests, Magic Leap and Zapbox.

Bring company values to life with AR

Zapworks Designer can extend the life of all your paper-based learning, taking everything from company values, to soft skills training to the next level using interactive content tracked to your print materials.

Darci Hall
providence health services
"As we drive our organization to a more progressive learning culture, tools like AR enable our vision of just in time, impactful learning experiences. Taking static content and making it immersive allows our caregivers to engage in a much deeper and more profound way"
Darci Hall
VP-Chief Learning Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health Shared Services
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Want to build virtual and mixed reality content for the Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quests, Magic Leap and Zapbox?

Build next-gen virtual and mixed reality experiences in the full suite of Zapworks tools. Zappar’s very own Zapbox has support for WebXR at an affordable price and comes with a lightweight headset with 100-degree field of view as well as two 6DoF Bluetooth controllers.

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Build and deploy to all devices



Web-based augmented reality across iOS & Android smartphones



Web-based VR/MR on market share of headsets



Immersive and interactive 3D websites with or without code

An immersive web platform that integrates with your existing solutions and processes

Our complete suite of creator tools, SDKs and custom hosting solutions mean you can easily scale and integrate your immersive learning solutions across devices, teams and Learning Management Systems.

Seamless integration with your LMS

Seamless integration with your LMS

Immersive experiences built with Zapworks can be directly and easily integrated into your Learning Management Systems (LMS) or eLearning courses via a simple QR code or embeddable link. We also offer the ability to export SCORM packages, get in touch to learn more.

Create with no code using zapworks designer

Create with no-code using Zapworks Designer

Zapworks Designer is a web-based tool that enables anyone to quickly create and deliver short-form, immersive microlearning experiences with zero code. Track learner engagement through native integrations with SCORM, Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity.

Edit our ready-made Learning and Development templates

Edit our ready-made L&D templates

Customize any of our free L&D templates in Zapworks Designer to jump-start your learning experiences. Choose from an ever growing library of projects, including Quiz, Mastery Loop or Promotional templates.

Do more with the full support of the Zapworks team

Do more with the full support of the Zapworks team

Get ongoing access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager, priority email support and one-to-one coaching sessions to unlock the full value of the Zapworks platform. Regular project reviews help you feel confident you are meeting your L&D goals.

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