Universal AR SDKs

Universal AR SDK
for A-Frame

A-Frame is an open-source framework for building WebXR using HTML and entity components. With Universal AR and A-Frame, it is possible to create WebAR without having to write JavaScript.

Get Universal AR SDK for A-Frame

A-Frame is built on top of the popular three.js library and allows developers to create content using HTML. Easy to learn, A-Frame plus Universal AR offers a great opportuntiy for everyone to start creating face, image and instant world tracked experiences.

Install with NPM

Use our CDN


Supported platforms

Universal AR for the web supports the following browsers, already installed on billions of
devices worldwide:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome
for Android

Safari on

Safari on
iOS 11.3+

Learn how to use A-Frame SDK

Check out our extensive range of bootstrap projects, tutorials and documentation to support you developing AR projects using Universal AR for A-Frame.

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