Seamless and speedy, Zappar WebAR is all about making AR accessible to everyone, everywhere by bringing immersive experiences directly to the mobile web browser - no app required.


AR in your mobile browser

Zappar WebAR is the Zappar app technology you know and love, but running in the web browser. It enables you to distribute AR experiences instantly to both iOS and Android devices - giving your users near friction-less access to the content you create.

Create best-in-class content for the mobile web

  • Face tracking

  • Image tracking

  • 3D support

  • Alpha video

  • Video support

  • 360°

  • Dynamic lightning

  • Instant publish

...and many more!

Do more with WebAR

Custom branded WebAR

Our white label solutions are built upon years of experience working with the world’s biggest brands. From custom micro-sites to branded URLs, we empower you to leverage this new era of super-accessible consumer AR with complete brand control.

Custom app embed
Custom app embed

Triggers: QR codes & deep links

Rapid, intuitive access to AR content is key. That's why we allow you to choose how you distribute your carefully crafted AR content, from utilizing the native QR code scanner in iOS devices to quickly generating a deep link - making your content instantly accessible and infinitely more sharable.

WebAR analytics

Browser-based AR experiences mean more valuable data insights. As well as integration with Zapalytics, using a custom branded page enables you to plug-in your existing Google Analytics account to access more granular data to inform your business’ camera strategy.

Custom app embed


  • Does all existing ZapWorks content work in WebAR?

    Most features of our platform are supported in WebAR, and where there are gaps in functionality (which may be due to browser constraints) we’ve implemented graceful fallbacks to improve the user experience. The likes of image and face tracking, full adaptive quality streaming video (with alpha channel support), 3D models, dynamic lighting, code scanning, scripting and analytics are all present and correct. Plus, users don’t need any special web browsers; the version of Safari or Chrome that came with their device should work.

  • Is WebAR stable?

    Yes - although it’s important to point out that the browser technology is relatively new, so while we expect it to continue improving, there could be a variation in performance across devices. There is nothing to stop you leveraging WebAR in your projects, we just recommend that you test thoroughly before deployment - if you’re at all unsure, feel free to reach out and ask us.

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