Universal AR SDK
for Babylon.js

Build best-in-class AR experiences for the web using the crazy-popular 3D library, Babylon.js. Leverage Babylon's fantastic ecosystem of tools, supporting libraries and documentation to craft your next immersive project.

Get Universal AR SDK for Babylon.js

Getting started with Universal AR for Babylon.js is simple - either download the zip, use our CDN links, or install from NPM; the choice is yours. Once you're up and running, the SDK fits right in with the Babylon.js API. Face, image and world anchors are nodes you can parent to your 3D content, and the AR camera automatically handles all the complexity for you.

Download SDK for Babylon.js

Supported platforms

Universal AR for the web supports the following browsers, already installed on billions of
devices worldwide:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome
for Android

Safari on

Safari on
iOS 11.3+

Learn how to use Babylon.js SDK

Check out our extensive range of bootstrap projects, tutorials and documentation to support you developing AR projects using Universal AR for Babylon.js.

Featured projects


Instant Tracked 3D Model

Place a 3D model in your real world environment, contains particle effects.


Image Tracked Product Visualization

Animated 3D model displayed on a podium, includes dynamic lighting.


Face Tracked 3D Model

Face tracking project containing a beard and helmet 3D model, includes save / share snapshot button.

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