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ZapWorks Studio

ZapWorks Studio enables designers and developers to create fully-customisable AR, VR and MR experiences across print, product, packaging, retail, events and much more.

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Thousands of creatives already use ZapWorks Studio to build AR experiences that engage audiences, entertain consumers and inspire students in every corner of the world.

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Get started with Studio using our in-depth tutorials, extensive documentation and supportive community of AR creators.

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Re-imagine how you interact with the world

Develop in mixed reality with ZapBox - the world’s first affordable way to experience room-scale MR and VR - powered directly from your smartphone.

Instant preview and publish

Instant preview and publish

Design and prototype AR in minutes rather than days. Studio enables you to rapidly preview and publish your AR experiences at speed to both iOS and Android using the free-to-download Zappar app.

Custom apps and codes

Our custom app solutions give you complete control over the delivery and activation point of your AR campaigns, allowing for bespoke branding and a fully customized experience tailored to your business or client.

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