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16 Aug ’22 at 04:00 PM in London

ZapWorks Training Path: AR Project development

Join our lovely Technical Support and Learning Manager Fran and excellent Customer Success Manager Sheridan as they take you through all you need to start your journey in AR and with ZapWorks. This session will be a condensed version of our first two modules of the ZapWorks training program. Register today!


Using 3D creatively in ZapWorks Designer

Join Zappar’s Head of Customer Success, Tom DeFraine and Technical Support Specialist, Adam McCormick as they take you through how to think creatively about 3D assets and how to leverage them in your Designer projects to build more immersive experiences.

Unpacking the metaverse

Things are moving fast in the metaverse, and in the wider world of web3, but how many of us actually fully understand its potential and what kind of role AR and VR will play within it. Depending on who you ask, this futuristic, blockchain-based space is either the next big thing in marketing – or an overhyped fad.

Exploring interactive engagement and diversity with AR and video

Discover how technology is evolving to equip organizations with the skills necessary to future-proof the workforce

Introducing World Tracking in ZapWorks Designer

Join Chris Holton (Head of Product) and Tom DeFraine (Senior Customer Success Manager) for the live launch of our next major update to ZapWorks Designer which brings Zappar’s recently updated world tracking to your Designer projects.

From proof of concept to global execution: How to build a scalable XR strategy in your organisation

Join Zappar Senior Customer Success Manager, Tom DeFraine and Zapbox Product and Sales Manager, Rich Hess as they give you the playbook for implementing an internal, enterprise-scale XR strategy.

Bring bottles, cups, & cans to life in WebAR with Zappar's new curved surface tracking

We are excited to announce that we have now added curved surface tracking to our Universal AR SDKs and would like to invite you to join our CTO and co-founder, Connell Gauld for a live demo of our latest tracking type.

Introducing new and improved world tracking for WebAR

Join Zappar’s Chief R&D Officer, Simon Taylor, George Martin (Product Manager: Learning & Support) and Francesca Ellis (Support Engineer) as they showcase Zappar’s new and improved world tracking for the web.

ZapWorks Designer | No-code AR. Now in 3D

Join Joe Brazao (ZapWorks Design Lead) and Tom DeFraine (Senior Customer Success Manager) as they explore the tool and its features, including the newly released 3D functionality, by taking you through a demo build. As well as a practical demonstration they will also be discussing some of the key use cases that can be built for using Designer.

Planning for AR success in 2022

What does 2022 hold for the AR industry? Join us as we talk to a panel of some of our talented agency partners and get their take on the past year and how to plan for success in the year ahead.

A story in a glass, how alcobev brands are driving engagement with AR

A brand’s packaging is one of their most under-utilised marketing channels and in this webinar we will show you how major players including AB InBev and Diageo are harnessing AR to deliver commercial value back to the business.

Reigniting the value of brand character with AR

Join us as we look at some of the different ways AR can be used to give a renewed purpose and lease of life to different brand characters, enabling them to engage audiences, tell brand stories and drive sales.

Supercharging Universal AR for Unity

It's been over a year since we celebrated the launch of our Universal AR SDK for Unity and it's been full of exciting developments. Join our CTO, Connell Gauld and Customer Success Manager, Sheridan Darko-Defoe as they take a deep dive into some of our latest updates and talk about what lies ahead.

Live learning: Multiple face tracking

Learn how to build a multiple face tracking experience using Zappar's Universal AR SDK for Three.js. Join Francesca Ellis (Support Engineer) for a live learning session, where she will be walking you through an example project created using Zappar’s new multiple face tracking technology.

How to leverage AR in the new retail revolution

Join us as we discuss some of the key opportunities we have identified when it comes to the use of AR and spatial storytelling that will help your retail business keep ahead of the curve both now and in the future.

publicis.poke: EE Unbox Gaming On The Go

Tom DeFraine (Senior Customer Success Manager) talks to Andy Dobson (Head of Technology) and Sam Wray (Senior Experience Technologist) from creative agency publicis.poke about their innovative AR campaign for EE, Unbox Gaming On The Go.

Approaching photorealistic AR for the web

Join Zappar’s CTO, Connell Gauld for a discussion on how to increase the realism of your AR experiences using a number of techniques and tricks, including a first-look at Zappar’s latest release; real-time camera-based reflections.

Building with Babylon.js

Join Francesca Ellis (Support Engineer) and Adam Mccormick (Technical Operations Support) from our Learning & Support team for a live demo and discover more about the 2nd of our newest Universal AR SDKs, Babylon.js.

Announcing ZapWorks Training

Join us live for the launch of our new ZapWorks Training, where George Martin (Product Manager: Learning & Support) will be talking through our new hands-on training product with Johan Walters (Augmented Reality Producer at Digital Narrative) who has been working with Zappar to design this innovative new 360 approach, perfected for digital learning.

Introducing Universal AR for PlayCanvas

During our AR Pioneers event we announced two brand new Universal AR SDKs: for Babylon.js & PlayCanvas. Now we are inviting you to join our CTO, Connell Gauld, for a live first look at our SDK that allows you to create awesome AR experiences using the PlayCanvas web-based 3D game engine.

How to leverage Digital-First AR

Join us as we discuss how WebAR opens the door to a whole new world of digital-first delivery methods for your AR experiences and show you how to start leveraging this new capability today.

Universal AR: Example Project Library

Join Zappar’s resident AR specialists, George Martin and Francesca Ellis, as they discuss the new Universal AR Example Project Library, the examples contained within, and how to use these examples to create your own Universal AR projects.

Easy-build AR with ZapWorks Studio Project Templates

Join Zappar’s CRM Executive, Christie Clark, as she builds powerful AR experiences using ZapWorks Studio Templates in minutes.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Eden Reforestation Projects

In this webinar, we'll be talking about the partnership between Zappar and Eden Reforestation Projects and how your plan (and ZapBox) purchases are making a difference to our planet.

The 5 Cs and Ds for AR Success

In this webinar, our CEO and Managing Director will be coming together to share Zappar’s framework for creating successful AR experiences.

Augmenting the Marketing Mix with WebAR

In this webinar Zappar’s Managing Director, Max Dawes will be sitting down with ZapWorks user, Johan Walters from Digital Narrative to talk about their WebAR campaign with Durbanville Hills wines.

Branding your AR experience

Join AR experts Dave Mather and George Martin as they discuss the many ways in which you can personalise and brand the AR experiences you publish with ZapWorks.

Universal AR for React+three.js

We are delighted to be announcing the release of Zappar’s Universal AR for React+three.js SDK and invite you to join us for a live demo.

Year in AR - 2020

Continuing the tradition of last year's end of year round-up, join our Managing Director (Max Dawes) and Co-Founders (Caspar Thykier, Connell Gauld, and Simon Taylor) as they reflect on 2020 and look forward to 2021 and what's to come.

Rated AR: the future of journaling

Join our Head of Commercial, Dave Mather as he sits down with AR evangelist and CEO of L.Michelle Media, L.Michelle Salvant, to delve into the possibilities of using AR as a storytelling medium for personal life reflection that extends beyond the traditional journal.

How to choose which AR tools work best for you

Whether you are new to AR or a master of the technology we have designed our tools to be accessible to everyone whatever your skill level or use case. Join George and Francesca from our Learning & Support team as they talk you through the ZapWorks options and help you decide which of our AR tools work best for you.

Introducing all-new ZapBox

To mark the launch of all-new ZapBox on Kickstarter, we invite you to join Zappar’s CEO, Caspar Thykier, Co-founder and Chief Research & Development Officer Simon Taylor and our Industrial Design Consultant Steven Spong, MD of Runnerfly, as they discuss all-new ZapBox and the next phase of affordable Mixed Reality.

AR Ecosystem Panel

In the one-of-a-kind ZapWorks Webinar we are excited to be joined by leading industry innovators Annie Eaton, CEO at Futurus, Fadi Chehimi, XR Capability and XR for Consumer Lead in Europe at Accenture and Sander van der Vegte, Head of MediaMonks Labs to discuss all things AR.

Designing AR experiences for an adapting workplace

Following on from our last session; ‘Safely returning to the workplace with AR’, in this webinar we'll be talking to Johnny Hamilton, Senior Design and Innovation Consultant for Providence St. Joseph Health as he walks us through some of his recent builds which have been specifically designed to help an adapting workplace.

Safely returning to the workplace with AR

Join our Instructional Designer, Anita Darko & Augmented Reality Specialist, George Martin as they talk you through one of our example 360 onboarding experiences and how our technology can help you bring your staff safely back to the workplace.

2020 Guide to WebAR: Live Launch

Join us for the launch of our 2020 Guide to WebAR where our Account Director, Jeremy Yates will be joined by Co- Founder and CTO, Connell Gauld to talk you through the guide and our experiences with WebAR.

Universal AR for Unity

We are delighted to be announcing the release of Zappar’s Universal AR for Unity SDK and invite you to join our CTO and co-founder, Connell Gauld and Platform Developer, Jordan Campbell for a live demo.

Guide to Connected Packaging

Join us for the launch of our Guide to Connected Packaging where our Sales Director, Martin Stahel will be joined by our CEO, Caspar Thykier to talk you through the guide and our experiences with connected packaging.

The AR producer's toolkit

Join our Head of Production Paul Spittlehouse as he talks all things AR production with Augmented Reality Producer Johan Walters, covering everything an AR producer needs in their toolkit for success.

How to perfect your AR user experience

Join our Head of Commercial, Dave Mather as he talks all things AR and UX design with Joe Brazao our ZapWorks Lead UX designer to guide you through how to perfect your augmented reality user experience.

Building with Universal AR SDKs

Next in our Universal AR series, join our CTO and co-founder Connell Gauld for a set of live demos with two of our Universal AR SDKs: A-Frame & Three.js.

Introducing Universal AR

Join our Head of Product, Chris Holton as he talks to co-founders Simon Taylor, Chief Research & Development Officer and Connell Gauld, Chief Technology Officer about our brand new suite of libraries and SDKs we are calling Universal AR.

Reporting with ZapWorks Analytics

Join our Managing Director Max Dawes and Senior AR Developer Jack Anders as they walk you through our ZapWorks Analytics platform. Covering everything from how to set up basic tracking events in Studio, to how to set and evaluate your campaign results.

How to sell AR to your clients

As Augmented Reality secures it’s position as a valuable and effective marketing tool, the question is how do you sell what is still a comparatively new technology to clients? Join Daniel Hartz and Jeremy Yates as they share their insights into how to show your clients the value of using AR strategically within their business.

How to use mixed reality as an effective sales tool

Our very own Dave Mather will be joined by Stephen Bedser, AR Media Designer for CooperSurgical Fertility & Genomics, to discuss how mixed reality can be used as an effective sales tool. Stephen will talk through the process of creating a mixed reality experience from concept to project evaluation.

Engage and upskill your remote workforce with AR

How can Augmented Reality be used to engage with and upskill your remote workforce? Now more than ever companies are needing to connect with their workers remotely, from communicating key messages and targets, to on the job training for key workers.

Accelerating STEM Education using Augmented Reality

How can Augmented Reality empower educators and students alike in STEM education? Our CEO Caspar Thykier will be joined by Matthew McKee from StoneOak Media to discuss just that. StoneOak Media is a company that develops groundbreaking Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) focused educational products.

How to create a 3D exploded view in AR

Looking to upskill with ZapWorks? Join our augmented reality specialists Seb and George and they walk you through one of our most effective AR use cases - the exploded view. Based on our work with TAFE NSW on and exploded view eyeball this functionality has applications from L&D to retail and product visualisation.

AMA with our Executive Creative Director

Worried about working in isolation with no one to bounce ideas off? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Zappar Executive Creative Director, Andre Assalino and Zappar Managing Director, Max Dawes are here to help with your creative thinking process and answer any questions you might have. This is an open AMA where you’ll have the opportunity to run some of your AR project ideas past Andre and Max.

Creating the perfect internal AR strategy

Join Daniel Hartz and Martin Stahel as they talk you through building the perfect internal AR strategy. From utilizing augmented reality to putting together the perfect team, we will help you identify the internal AR strategy that works for you and your business.

Introducing ZapWorks for Enterprise

Join our Head of Commercial, David Mather and Head of Product, Chris Holton as they talk AR for Enterprise. Learn how the ZapWorks ecosystem has evolved to meet the needs of the world’s biggest businesses with the introduction of ZapWorks for Enterprise.

Creating World Class WebAR Experiences

Join us as we talk all things AR with award winning creative agency Groove Jones, covering WebAR, awesome collaborations and some of the latest developments in our technology.

Getting the most out of ZapWorks in 2020

Join ZapWorks specialists, led by Sebastian Garcia Cardona, as they talk you through the skills you'll need to make the most out ZapWorks and optimise AR for your business in 2020. Our experts will be taking you through world tracking, a skill that we believe will be vital to your AR journey this year!

AMA with the Zappar founders

Join Zappar’s founders Caspar Thykier (Chief Executive Officer), Simon Taylor (Chief R&D Officer) and Connell Gauld (Chief Technology Officer) for an interactive ‘Ask Me Anything’ webinar to get answers to your most pressing questions.

How to: Build for WebAR

Join ZapWorks aficionados George Martin and Konstantina Tagkopoulou as they talk through the creation of a project specifically intended to launch in a browser.

Leveraging WebAR

Join our very own Dave Mather and Konstantina Tagkopoulou as they discuss the many benefits of implementing WebAR into Augmented Reality campaigns.