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How Video & AR will transform Learning & Development for frontline workers

Discover how using a video & AR strategy with your frontline workers can increase skill development, boost engagement, and accelerate meaningful business results.

How to create immersive out-of-home WebAR activations with Groove Jones

Join us for an insight into how Groove Jones developed an out-of-home AR experience for FC Dallas. Dan Ferguson from Groove Jones will join us to share his expertise on using AR in out-of-home experiences and more.

Enhance your Unity WebAR projects with 3D asset streaming from echo3D and Zappar

Streaming 3D assets has never been so easy. Join us to learn how to build optimal WebAR experiences with Zappar and Unity and how to control 3D assets with echo3D's platform.

Building a scalable XR strategy; an industry panel

Want to build a scalable XR strategy for your business? We are gathering a panel of industry professionals leading the XR charge, to ask them how your business can tackle this rapidly developing technology.

ZapWorks Training Path: AR Project development

Join our lovely Technical Support and Learning Manager Fran and excellent Customer Success Manager Sheridan as they take you through all you need to start your journey in AR and with ZapWorks. This session will be a condensed version of our first two modules of the ZapWorks training program. Register today!

Using 3D creatively in ZapWorks Designer

Join Zappar’s Head of Customer Success, Tom DeFraine and Technical Support Specialist, Adam McCormick as they take you through how to think creatively about 3D assets and how to leverage them in your Designer projects to build more immersive experiences.

Unpacking the metaverse

Things are moving fast in the metaverse, and in the wider world of web3, but how many of us actually fully understand its potential and what kind of role AR and VR will play within it. Depending on who you ask, this futuristic, blockchain-based space is either the next big thing in marketing – or an overhyped fad.

Exploring interactive engagement and diversity with AR and video

Discover how technology is evolving to equip organizations with the skills necessary to future-proof the workforce

Introducing World Tracking in ZapWorks Designer

Join Chris Holton (Head of Product) and Tom DeFraine (Senior Customer Success Manager) for the live launch of our next major update to ZapWorks Designer which brings Zappar’s recently updated world tracking to your Designer projects.

From proof of concept to global execution: How to build a scalable XR strategy in your organisation

Join Zappar Senior Customer Success Manager, Tom DeFraine and Zapbox Product and Sales Manager, Rich Hess as they give you the playbook for implementing an internal, enterprise-scale XR strategy.

Bring bottles, cups, & cans to life in WebAR with Zappar's new curved surface tracking

We are excited to announce that we have now added curved surface tracking to our Universal AR SDKs and would like to invite you to join our CTO and co-founder, Connell Gauld for a live demo of our latest tracking type.

Introducing new and improved world tracking for WebAR

Join Zappar’s Chief R&D Officer, Simon Taylor, George Martin (Product Manager: Learning & Support) and Francesca Ellis (Support Engineer) as they showcase Zappar’s new and improved world tracking for the web.