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Up next

13 Jun ’23 at 04:00 PM in London

Mattercraft Beta: Virtual Launch

Join us for the public beta launch of our latest release, Mattercraft, a brand new creative tool for building rich 3D experiences for the web, including AR, VR and WebXR.

27 Jun ’23 at 04:00 PM in London

From Codes to Connection: Unlocking inclusivity on pack with Accessible QR

Join Zappar CEO (Caspar Thykier) as he talks to Marc Powell from the RNIB and our brand partners at Unilever Sarah Masters and Mark Hewitt, about the recent launch of Accessible QR codes for product packaging and why they are an important step for brands.


Building with Universal AR SDKs

Next in our Universal AR series, join our CTO and co-founder Connell Gauld for a set of live demos with two of our Universal AR SDKs: A-Frame & Three.js.

Introducing Universal AR

Join our Head of Product, Chris Holton as he talks to co-founders Simon Taylor, Chief Research & Development Officer and Connell Gauld, Chief Technology Officer about our brand new suite of libraries and SDKs we are calling Universal AR.

Reporting with ZapWorks Analytics

Join our Managing Director Max Dawes and Senior AR Developer Jack Anders as they walk you through our ZapWorks Analytics platform. Covering everything from how to set up basic tracking events in Studio, to how to set and evaluate your campaign results.

How to sell AR to your clients

As Augmented Reality secures it’s position as a valuable and effective marketing tool, the question is how do you sell what is still a comparatively new technology to clients? Join Daniel Hartz and Jeremy Yates as they share their insights into how to show your clients the value of using AR strategically within their business.

How to use mixed reality as an effective sales tool

Our very own Dave Mather will be joined by Stephen Bedser, AR Media Designer for CooperSurgical Fertility & Genomics, to discuss how mixed reality can be used as an effective sales tool. Stephen will talk through the process of creating a mixed reality experience from concept to project evaluation.

Engage and upskill your remote workforce with AR

How can Augmented Reality be used to engage with and upskill your remote workforce? Now more than ever companies are needing to connect with their workers remotely, from communicating key messages and targets, to on the job training for key workers.

Accelerating STEM Education using Augmented Reality

How can Augmented Reality empower educators and students alike in STEM education? Our CEO Caspar Thykier will be joined by Matthew McKee from StoneOak Media to discuss just that. StoneOak Media is a company that develops groundbreaking Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) focused educational products.

How to create a 3D exploded view in AR

Looking to upskill with ZapWorks? Join our augmented reality specialists Seb and George and they walk you through one of our most effective AR use cases - the exploded view. Based on our work with TAFE NSW on and exploded view eyeball this functionality has applications from L&D to retail and product visualisation.

AMA with our Executive Creative Director

Worried about working in isolation with no one to bounce ideas off? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Zappar Executive Creative Director, Andre Assalino and Zappar Managing Director, Max Dawes are here to help with your creative thinking process and answer any questions you might have. This is an open AMA where you’ll have the opportunity to run some of your AR project ideas past Andre and Max.

Creating the perfect internal AR strategy

Join Daniel Hartz and Martin Stahel as they talk you through building the perfect internal AR strategy. From utilizing augmented reality to putting together the perfect team, we will help you identify the internal AR strategy that works for you and your business.

Introducing ZapWorks for Enterprise

Join our Head of Commercial, David Mather and Head of Product, Chris Holton as they talk AR for Enterprise. Learn how the ZapWorks ecosystem has evolved to meet the needs of the world’s biggest businesses with the introduction of ZapWorks for Enterprise.

Creating World Class WebAR Experiences

Join us as we talk all things AR with award winning creative agency Groove Jones, covering WebAR, awesome collaborations and some of the latest developments in our technology.