Developer Augmented Reality Training

Advanced Augmented Reality Training

Comprehensive end-to-end AR training with Zapworks Studio.

Learning outcomes

Develop AR Experiences

Master the principles and techniques of AR development in Zapworks Studio.

Understand Best Practices

Gain a deeper understanding of the best practices in AR design and development.

Bring your AR ideas to life

Unleash your creativity and transform unique ideas into functional AR.

Course content

1. Essentials of AR and ZapWorks

In this session, you’ll be introduced into the world of Augmented Reality (AR), the ZapWorks ecosystem, and learn how a standard end-to-end AR project is developed with ZapWorks. This session will provide you with a solid foundation for completing the rest of the chosen training path. 

Key objectives:

  • Introduction to the essentials of AR.
  • Explore the ZapWorks suite.
  • Learn the best practices and standard flow in which ZapWorks is used for AR development.
  • Scan and test example projects created using ZapWorks.

After completing this session, attendees will: 

  • Be able to give an industry standard definition of what AR is. 
  • Understand and be confident in the ZapWorks end-to-end user and development journey.
  • Decide which distribution platform, tracking type, and overall content is best suited to specific campaigns. 

2. Introduction to ZapWorks Studio

In this session, you’ll develop your first image tracked AR experience in ZapWorks Studio. The experience will contain a company logo, 3D model, and image tracked content. 

Key objectives:

  • Learn and familiarize with the UI in ZapWorks Studio.
  • Understand how to scale, rotate, and position content. 
  • Create a target image and train it up in Studio. 
  • Import and use 3D models.
  • Preview and Publish your first AR experience. 

After completing this session, attendees will:

  • Be able to navigate ZapWorks Studio. 
  • Develop, from scratch, an image tracked AR experience.
  • Know how to import, scale, position, and rotate 2D and 3D content within ZapWorks Studio. 
  • Have developed and published AR experience to take away and share. 

3. Adding Interaction to your AR Experience

In this session, you’ll continue development in ZapWorks Studio, starting to learn and implement some more advanced functionality, including - Controllers, States and Actions for user interaction.   

Key objectives:

  • Learn about project templates.
  • Set up simple transitions and interactions in ZapWorks Studio. 
  • Enable user interaction (button taps) to activate different states within the experience. 
  • Learn how to use and edit text in ZapWorks Studio.  

After completing this session, attendees will:

  • Have the knowledge and understanding to implement controllers and states. 
  • Know how to set up buttons and activate them upon user interaction, using actions.  
  • Have developed and published AR experience to take away and share.  

4. Working to a Brief

In this session, you’ll take part in an interactive lab session (Miro board) learning how ideas are formed from a client brief. You’ll learn what ideas are best suited for AR and will walk away with a briefing framework for future AR campaigns. 

Key objectives: 

  • Learn how to turn a client brief into a successful AR campaign.
  • Learn about the 5 C’s to success.
  • Understand what ideas work well for AR and what ideas would fail.  

After completing this session, attendees will:

  • Be familiar with what a client brief entails and how to ideate from it. 
  • Walk away with a briefing framework you’ll be able to use on all your future projects.

5. Planning your AR Experience and Best Practices

In this session, you’ll take part in another interactive lab session (Miro board). Following on from the previous session, you'll learn how to translate ideas from a client brief into a wireframe / storyboard, perfected for AR. 

Key objectives: 

  • Learn the importance of UI and UX for AR. 
  • Translate ideas from a brief into a workable wireframe / storyboard. 
  • Know the best practices and known pitfalls when designing for an AR experience. 

After completing this session, attendees will:

  • The knowledge of how to wireframe / storyboard for AR. 
  • Know the good and bad practices when designing for an AR campaign. 
  • Walk away with a wireframe / storyboard of an actionable AR campaign.

6. Advanced Development of AR

In this session, you’ll start implementing advanced features in ZapWorks Studio. You’ll learn the tips and tricks of working with scripting (TypeScript) and develop game mechanics to create AR experiences that users want to repeatedly scan (replayability). 

Key objectives: 

  • Develop a world tracked experience with game mechanics. 
  • Learn the tips and tricks of using scripting in ZapWorks Studio. 
  • Understand and implement physics interaction (trigger regions) 

After completing this session, attendees will:

  • Understand how scripting works in ZapWorks Studio (drag-and-drop capabilities).
  • Know how to use more advanced ZapWorks Studio functionality - physics interactions, trigger tags, trigger regions, etc. 
  • Have a published, professional standard world tracked AR game experience to take away and share.  

7. Optimizing, Deploying and Analyzing your Campaign

In this session, you’ll understand the final stage of an AR campaign, deployment. You’ll master the best practices when optimizing your content for mobile WebAR. You’ll also learn which distribution platform is best suited to your campaign, how to change and customize the distribution platform and understand how to measure your campaign performance using analytics. 

Key objectives: 

  • Learn how to optimize content for WebAR. 
  • Understand and decide which distribution platform is best suited for your campaign (and future campaigns).
  • Learn and understand if an AR campaign is succeeding (analytics).

After completing this session, attendees will:

  • Be able to implement custom events in an AR experience.
  • Know how to view and analyze campaigns. 
  • Be confident with deploying and publishing AR.
  • Understand which distribution platform to choose.  

8. Ideation Session

In this session, you’ll work with your technical trainer to conceive company ideas for future AR campaigns. With guidance from the trainer, these ideas will be perfected for both your company and AR, setting you up for success during your time using ZapWorks. 

Key objectives: 

  • Develop and plan 5 professional standard AR ideas. 
  • Learn how these ideas can be actioned and what functionality will be needed for each. 
  • Understand the next steps to make these ideas (augmented) reality. 

After completing this session, attendees will:

  • Have a number of varied, professional standard AR ideas. 
  • Know the steps that will be needed to develop these ideas. 
  • Be set up to succeed with AR.

8 Sessions

Sessions run for 1 hour and include both theory and practical elements.

4 Weeks

We recommend taking 2 sessions a week, totalling 4 weeks.


Cost per team. Get in touch to learn more about our pricing structure.

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Walk away with three AR experiences

AR Creation - Project 1

Learn the ZapWorks Studio UI by developing an image tracked AR experience containing 3D models that captures attention.

AR Creation - Project 2

Learn how to use controllers, states and actions by developing an interactive product visualization AR experience in ZapWorks Studio.

AR Creation - Project 3

Learn more advanced functionality in ZapWorks Studio by developing a world tracked experience containing game mechanics and trigger regions.

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Accredited by Credly

Accredited by Credly

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