Summer Releases Event

Join us for our Summer Releases event, where we gather our Zapworks community together to celebrate our latest updates and introduce exciting new releases.

What’s on the agenda…

Check out the slides from the session here

We are thrilled to introduce curved surface tracking and particle animations to Zapworks Designer, allowing you to unlock a new storytelling canvas by tracking content to curved surfaces and adding depth and realism to 3D scenes.

We will also be showcasing Mattercraft, our new tool for creating experiences for AR, MR, and WebXR. It provides a 3D development environment with a flexible and intuitive 3D editor for visual construction of experiences, nesting components and behaviours, and coding full interactivity and gameplay with TypeScript.

Finally, we are very excited to say Zapbox is now available to buy at an unrivalled price point and we are looking forward to sharing all the exciting updates and partnerships we have in store. 

Along with the product updates we will also pack this session with updates on more learning content as well as Zappar news from events, awards, the launch of our Discord community.

This is a community event and as usually we will be looking for your thoughts and ideas so keep your eyes peeled for those polls.


Connell Gauld

Connell Gauld, Chief Technology Officer at Zappar

Connell Gauld, Chief Technology Officer at Zappar

Connell is one of Zappar's Co-Founders and leads the Platform Team, overseeing many of the technical aspects of the business including app development, server infrastructure, statistics and analytics collection and analysis, and in-house and consumer tooling.

Lucelia Nechaeva

Lucelia Nechaeva, Visual Product Designer at Zappar

Lucelia Nechaeva, Visual Product Designer at Zappar

Lucy is the Visual Product Designer for Zapworks she works on everything design and user experience for our Zapworks offering. She focuses most of her time on our Designer but also has a hand in other website and CMS updates, ensuring we provide the optimum user experience. You'll also see her feature in some of our YouTube tutorials.

Kirk Ewing

Kirk Ewing, Co-founder & Zapbox General Manager at Zappar

Kirk Ewing, Co-founder & Zapbox General Manager at Zappar

Kirk is a visionary entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in digital, gaming, and immersive technologies. He's known for his groundbreaking work, including creating State of Emergency and developing the world's first docu-game, JFK Reloaded. Kirk has also held influential positions contributing to Sony's PlayStation Home and serving as a gaming advisor to Audi. In 2011, he co-founded Zappar to democratize augmented reality and bring it to the masses. Currently, Kirk spearheads Zapbox as