Approaching photorealistic AR for the web

Join Zappar’s CTO, Connell Gauld, as he walks through how to increase the realism of your AR experiences using a number of techniques and tricks, including a first-look at Zappar’s latest release; real-time camera-based reflections. For a step-by-step breakdown and code snippets, check out our blog on how to improve the photorealism of your AR experiences on the web.

What you’ll learn:

- What techniques are available in the mobile web

- What are the pros and cons of each technique

- How to leverage these techniques using our Universal AR SDKs

- How to effectively use Zappar’s new real-time reflections



Connell Gauld

Connell Gauld, Chief Technology Officer at Zappar

Connell Gauld, Chief Technology Officer at Zappar

Connell is one of Zappar's Co-Founders and leads the Platform Team, overseeing many of the technical aspects of the business including app development, server infrastructure, statistics and analytics collection and analysis, and in-house and consumer tooling.