Augmenting the Marketing Mix with WebAR

In this webinar Zappar’s Managing Director, Max Dawes, will be sitting down with ZapWorks user, Johan Walters from Digital Narrative, to talk about their WebAR campaign with Durbanville Hills wines. 

WebAR has become one of the most pervasive and effective ways to Augment the Marketing Mix and the campaign created by Digital Narrative is no exception to this. In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into how WebAR can augment Social Media Marketing as a use case but more specifically how Johan and the team went about creating the campaign from start to finish. 

As with all ZapWorks webinars, the last 15 minutes will be left open for Q&A.

What you’ll learn:

1. Why WebAR is such an effective use case for augmenting the Marketing Mix.
2. How to approach creating an AR experience for a brand
3. How to develop an AR campaign from start to finish 
4. Delivery methods via the web
5. How to measure the results of your AR campaigns


Max Dawes

Max Dawes, Managing Director at Zappar

Max Dawes, Managing Director at Zappar

Max advises retailers, brands and agencies on their AR/VR/MR strategy working with Zappar’s partners including the likes of Coca-Cola, Warner Bros., Carrefour, Vodafone and hundreds of others.

Johan Walters

Johan Walters, Augmented Reality Producer at Digital Narrative

Johan Walters, Augmented Reality Producer at Digital Narrative

With 20+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Johan is an augmented reality producer who specialises in helping brands to harness the potential of Digital solutions. Using his knowledge of the AR space and past experience with designing training products, Johan has been working closely with Zappar to help create our brand new ZapWorks Training.