How to leverage Digital-First AR

Although augmented reality is at its best when transforming physical print, products, and places into more engaging, digital experiences, WebAR (and the pandemic) has accelerated the usage of digital to digital formats, revolutionizing how we interact with everyday channels like email, social media, e-commerce, and slide decks.

So, join Zappar’s Managing Director, Max Dawes, and ZapWorks Customer Success Manager, Tom DeFraine, as they discuss how WebAR opens the door to a whole new world of digital-first delivery methods for your AR experiences and talk you through how you can start leveraging this new capability today.

Zappar WebAR enables you to reach over 3.5 billion global smartphone users by delivering image-, face-, and instant- world-tracked AR experiences instantly to their web browser.

What you’ll learn:

1. What WebAR is
2. What digital access points WebAR can now facilitate
3. What to consider when building an AR experience with a digital access point
4. The best use-cases for digital-to-digital formats.
5. How you can start using WebAR


Max Dawes

Max Dawes, Managing Director at Zappar

Max Dawes, Managing Director at Zappar

Max advises retailers, brands and agencies on their AR/VR/MR strategy working with Zappar’s partners including the likes of Coca-Cola, Warner Bros., Carrefour, Vodafone and hundreds of others.

Tom DeFraine

Tom DeFraine, Head of Customer Experience at Zappar

Tom DeFraine, Head of Customer Experience at Zappar

Tom heads up our Customer Experience team, working with our global community of AR creators to ensure they're creating best in class AR and achieving meaningful results with Zapworks.