Discover what's possible with Zapworks

Check out some of our favorite AR experiences created by the Zapworks community.


Paulo Rinaldi: My Deer Friend

Zapworks user Paulo Rinaldi created a limited-run book series, 'My Deer Friend', that is wonderful enough in itself - but then he added AR to make it even more amazing. You can grab a copy of these very limited edition picture books from the My Deer Friend website.


Virtual Office Tour

While real-life office tours may be off the cards right now, agency FlyAR found a creative solution, using 3D animated visuals and image tracking to create an AR office tour.


Valio Rahka Pots

Telia worked with Valio to make their Rahka product line scannable, helping the products stand out on supermarket shelves by inspiring potential customers with recipes.


Kanzi x United Scene

Viewtoo used Zapworks to build a collaborative AR experience for Kanzi apples that reinvented the experience of the live performance.


Mona Lisa AR

This AR experience transforms a 2D poster of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ painting into a hub of information about the artist, his processes, and his most famous painting.


News Corp Australia Wildlife AR Showcase

Virtual Method created this experience for News Corp in Australia (using Zapworks new cloud image look-up function), which transforms the book’s double-page spreads into interactive experiences.


Billy Blue College AR Experience

This WebAR experience was designed by Unbnd to inform school leavers of Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia’s new courses.


Spiritz Cover

Promethean developed this WebAR experience for the December edition of Spiritz Magazine, which displayed relevant news from the alcobev industry.


Amaro Montenegro

Viewtoo built this WebAR experience for alcohol brand Amaro Montenegro - enhancing the packaging of their bottles to share cocktail recipes and make the product unboxing experience unforgettable.


Octopus Immersivans

Octopus Energy brought their vans to life using WebAR, creating a fun easter egg experience that their employees could share with customers during service visits.


KAMU (Espoo City Museum)

FlyAR built this experience, displaying a living scale model of a 50’s apartment, to engage Espoo City Museum Museum goers with the work done by Kaija and Heikki Siren.


Goodfellows Portfolio 5

The team at Goodfellows have created an AR experience that profiles how chefs prepare their guest’s food, presenting the tableware behind the food industry in a truly innovative way.