Discover what's possible with Zapworks

Check out some of our favorite AR experiences created by the Zapworks community.


Groove Jones - Schwab Firebird

An amazing display of AR for events created by Groove Jones for the Schwab Firebird challenge. The world tracking element aspect of this experience allows for fans to place the one-of-a-kind Schwab Firebird anywhere and rotate for some great photo ops.


Good Measure - Foot Locker x Adidas

Good Measure, worked with Foot Locker and Adidas to create this exciting experience using a digital avatar to put the new NMD_V3 trainers front and centre. Users can have their own personal concert with three up-and-coming artists taking the European scene by storm.


SQUINT Creative – Boost

SQUINT Creative used Zapworks studio to increase engagement by adding a digital layer to passive print creating this high-energy experience. Launched via a QR code this image-tracked WebAR experience puts a twist on traditional advertising enabling customers to interact with Boost Energy drink by taking selfies and entering their competition.


Massfar - Mondelez Brasil, Lacta Barbie and Lacta HotWheels

An amazing display of AR for packaging was created by Zapworks partner Massfar for Mondelez Brasil. Launched via a QR code, customers can enjoy a racing game with their favourite characters from Barbie and HotWheels.


SQUINT Creative - Randox Grand National

Digital design agency SQUINT Creative used Zapworks studio to create an exciting experience for the Randox Grand National. Now everyone can feel like a champion and hold, interact and have their photo taken with an exact 3D rendition of the trophy.


WOA Creative Company, Raba & Rafa - Silence Photo Exhibition

Creative company WOA used Zapworks to bring the photographic works of Raba & Rafa to life with AR in the silence exhibition. Launched via QR code next to the art pieces, viewers can scan to bring the pieces to life and access behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot.


Curious Company - Globetrotter AR Portal

Curious Company worked with travel speciality brand Globetrotter to create a WebAR experience to celebrate the opening of Globetrotter’s store in Trier. Launched via a QR code on the storefront an AR portal allows customers to interact with the store’s avatar Kim playing rock, paper, scissors for a chance to win a unique voucher code to redeem in the new store.


Big Group - BT Street Hub 2.0

Marketing agency Big Group used AR in their latest BT campaign. Allowing users to access a 3D model of the new BT Street hub and explore the handy information touch points to reveal all the features and benefits. Activated via a QR code on ad boards.


AT&T – Carbon Neutral

AT&T amp up the excitement in their monthly bills with an AR experience. By scanning the QR code on their bills AT&T customers are encouraged to switch to eBilling and informed about AT&T’s sustainable credentials and investment in wind power.


Anna Broadhurst, ‘Vinnie and the Jazz’ Record sleeve

Our very own Anna Broadhurst WOWs with an exciting experience showcasing the capabilities of Zapworks Designer relaunch. Anna was able to create an album sleeve with a captive and immersive parallax effect. The multiple scenes and transition feature of the tool allows users to create alternative pieces of Artwork, complementing the duality of the album


CGG – International Women's Day

CGG were able to create an exciting and engaging way to both celebrate International Women’s Day and also bring a remote workforce together around a common cause. Leveraging Zappar's face-tracking technology CGG encouraged its staff to take selfies with one of the four face filters to share on social media.


Acute Art – KAWS Puffs X General Mills

Acute Art worked directly with General Mills, creator of Reese's puffs and the iconic artist KAWS. The experience is activated via an on-pack QR code on a pair of new box designs and it invites users to play an immersive game. The hungry users are taken into a WebAR experience powered by Zapworks Universal AR SDK for Unity.