Discover what's possible with Zapworks

Check out some of our favorite AR experiences created by the Zapworks community.


BCVR Immersive - EarthXR

Designed to engage younger audiences, this immersive tabletop globe was created to highlight pressing ecological and environmental issues affecting our planet. Introducing significant ecological concerns through engaging stories penned by expert science journalists and complemented by animations and sounds.


Augmented Island Studios - Visit Portland Experience

This experience was created by Augmented Island Studios for Travel Portland to highlight Portland's vibrant culture, iconic sights and memorable experiences. Users are not only introduced to the city’s attractions & landmarks but also engaged in interactive elements like a basketball mini-game.


August Allen - Jones Soda

Creative agency August Allen built this immersive curved surface tracking experience for Jones Soda. This fully custom experience encourages customer loyalty through personal connections, by getting customers to send in photos and videos of themselves.


Reality x Sodebo Voile - Route du Rhum 2022

Reality worked with Sodebo Voile to create this exclusive and immersive experience for the well-known - Route du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe 2022.


Augmented Island Studios - The College of William & Mary

Augmented Island Studios worked with the College of William & Mary to add an engaging and immersive layer to the business school's onboarding.


Bunkhouse Collective - Unlock a new perspective on aviation

Bunkhouse Collective created this image-tracked experience to help bring artwork to life in an engaging and exciting way.


CGG - International Women's Day 2023

CGG leveraged Zappar's face-tracking technology to celebrate International Women's Day. With these 3 face filters, CGG encouraged their colleagues to join in on the celebrations by taking selfies and sharing them on social media.


Eltronix, Echt + Nordwand - ‘Digital village tour’

Eltronix worked with Echt and Nordwand to create this award-winning experience to celebrate 1125 years of Witwill history. Narrated by Watto the founding father of Witwill, the experiences orientation was via a digital map, which showed the nearest location and visitors could watch fun videos about stories from back then.


Tej, Hoopla Digital - Apache Pizza

Irish digital company Tej, worked with Hoopla Digital to create this engaging gamified AR experience for Apache Pizza.


Bitgeyser - Baggio Colorear

Bitegyser used Zapworks Studio to create an engaging and colourful experience for Baggio Colorear. Once scanned users can create an illustration for 3 different drinks and share their creation on social media.


Razorfish, Busterwood - Kinder ‘Share a smile’

Razorfish and Busterwood created this experience for Kinder to encourage their customers to “share a smile”. The custom packaging allowed for a unique and engaging way to celebrate customer loyalty. Snap a selfie, add it to a packet and share.


Austen Camille, zyntroPICS - Farm/ART DTOUR

Created by artist Austen Camille for the 2022 Wormfarm institute’s Farm/Art DTour. It consisted of a large-scale painting, scaled and designed to look like a billboard. This image tracked experience displayed the transition of the past, present and future of this landscape.