Discover what's possible with Zapworks

Check out some of our favorite AR experiences created by the Zapworks community.


Groove Jones - Volkswagen x U.S. Soccer

Groove Jones, Volkswagen and U.S. Soccer teamed up to create this experience to launch the new ID.4. The experience begins by scanning QR codes on the cars - the animation depicts various U.S. Soccer athletes as they hone in to score a goal or celebrate a play that paid off.


WOA Creative - Fallin Sky

WOA Creative teamed up with Bright Festival to educate the masses about the reality of space pollution. This experience is delivered via a printed carpet - simply scan the QR code and it springs to life, with visualisations of space debris and satellites, and facts from NASA and the National Institute of Astrophysics.


FlyAR - Skateistan

FlyAR completed this project pro bono to serve an important cause. In efforts to boost a fundraising campaign to build a new Skate School in Afghanistan, they created an AR experience that lets users explore a 360 map of the new park, and presents useful info along the way.


WOA Creative - Hero Baby Packaging

WOA Creative built this connected packaging experience for Hero’s baby food. By scanning the QR code on the baby food pots, the packaging comes to life through WebAR to engage the customer post-purchase.


Digital Pop-Ups - Kingspan Employee Training

Digital Pop-Ups used AR to build employee onboarding and training programmes for Kingspan Insulation. Through AR mini-games, new employees learn how to install insulation.


Byte x Middlesex University

Marketing technology agency Byte created this WebAR experience for prospective students to learn more about Middlesex University. By scanning the code, users can place different campus rooms into their real-world environment, with pop-up information to go along with them.


Phantom - Mytheresa X Christian Louboutin

Immersive agency Phantom designed an AR experience for luxury fashion outlet Mytheresa. In partnership with Christian Louboutin, this experience lets customers explore the new collection of shoes in 3D.


4th Street Wines - Dance Experience

4th Street Wines teamed up with South African artist Bontle in this unique AR experience. Tap into the app to learn Bontle's signature dance move (the Flex), and record yourself doing it for a chance to win prizes.


FlyAR - AR Music Marketing

FlyAR added an augmented edge to music marketing, transforming a simple round flyer into a virtual vinyl disk. Users can go directly to the artist's album on Spotify.


Curious Company: North Face Vectiv

Curious Company have knocked it out of the park again with their work with The North Face. Using WebAR, users are able to place shoes from the North Face's Vectiv product line within the world, admiring them from all angles, and learning more about their USPs.


WOA Creative: Vigorsol

WOA Creative used Zapworks to build this impressive 3D experience for Vigorsol chewing gum, complete with extra info about the product, and a very snazzy visual of the contents of the box.


FlyAR: Varala Sports Institute

From our friends over at FlyAR comes this frankly adorable AR creation. Built using Zapworks Studio, this 3D model sets an outdoorsy scene designed to promote the Varala Sports Institute, campfire and all.