Zappar App

The free-to-download Zappar app is perfect for content creators who are looking for an affordable way to get started with augmented reality.

Zappar app

Better user experience

The Zappar app offers a frictionless user experience for consumers looking to engage with your ZapWorks content. No 3rd party ads are shown and no sign in is required. Simply open the app, scan an image with a code on it, and the rest is magic.

Zappar app screens

Say goodbye to app submissions

Tired of having to submit an app everytime you want to publish an AR experience? By using the Zappar app you spend less time on app submissions and more time creating awesome AR experiences.

Zappar app store

No hidden costs or media fee

The Zappar is completely free to download and use so you can focus on creating award-winning AR experiences without having to worry about hidden costs or burgeoning budgets.

Customize the app experience

Don’t want to use the free Zappar app? No problem, check out our custom app solutions.

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