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Want to build virtual and mixed reality content for the Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quests, Magic Leap and Zapbox?

Build next-gen virtual and mixed reality experiences in the full suite of Zapworks tools. Zappar’s very own Zapbox has support for WebXR at an affordable price and comes with a lightweight headset with 100-degree field of view as well as two 6DoF Bluetooth controllers.

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Kari Smith
The helpful part of using Zapworks is that it's so user friendly already but there is also great staff support - that just sets you up to be sucessful!
Kari Smith
Communications Strategy Manager CGG
Sinead Catney
The Mill
Great customer service and support throughout - very quick to respond to any questions or requests at short notice.
Sinead Catney
Producer The Mill
Anthony Heaney
SQUINT Creative
Zapworks has become a major integration into our Business, and the end result has been amazing. We went from not knowing much about AR to offering it as the core option for our clients. Our clients are noticing a lot more interactivity with their brand and love to be at the forefront of emerging technologies.
Anthony Heaney
Co-Founder & Creative Director SQUINT Creative
Stephen Houck
Holman Enterprises
In addition to a great product, the team at Zappar has been wonderful to work with, from our initial contact through to today.
Stephen Houck
Learning and Instructional Designer Holman Enterprises
Robert Dough
Brightline Interactive
At Brightline Interactive we are constantly exploring new methods of delivering and innovating successful solutions within the spatial technology industry. As part of this journey, we have partnered with Zappar to deliver multiple WebAR solutions to our clients and have had a fantastic experience utilizing their AR tool sets as well as working alongside their reliable technical and customer support teams.
Robert Dough
Director, Strategic Partnerships Brightline Interactive

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Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

The Zapworks free trial provides users with 14 days to assess if our XR toolkit suits their business needs. It is not intended for use in public-facing projects. If you wish to use it for such projects, please upgrade to a paid plan.

What happens when my trial ends?

Once your trial is over, all your projects will be unpublished and your triggers will no longer show content when scanned. We recommend that you upgrade to a plan before your trial is over to ensure that this does not happen. Speak to the team about extending your trial.

Which tools do I get access to on my plan?

The 14-day trial includes access to the full suite of Zapworks tools and SDKs, such as Designer, Studio, Mattercraft, and our Universal AR SDKs.

Do you offer per-project pricing?

Every Zapworks plan offers unlimited projects so you can create with more flexibility. For custom pricing related to a specific project, please consult our team.

How does the Developer plan work? Can I publish commercial projects with it?

The Developer plan is for non-commercial projects only. If you want to start publishing commercial XR projects you need to upgrade to either Pro or Enterprise.

When do I get billed?

All Zapworks plans are paid in advance, either on a monthly or annual billing cycle. All plans will automatically renew at the end of the billing cycle, so please make sure you cancel your plan before your subscription renews if you no longer wish to continue.

Are there any limits to the size of my projects?

All plans provide access to all of our AR-creation tools (i.e. Mattercraft, Designer, and Universal AR), but differ in the workspace-level features that they have access to; such as the size of content packages (projects). Please consult our team to suggest a fair plan for your project needs.

What is cost per view (CPV)?

Cost per view is the metric used to determine the cost of a single view of your XR content, typically charged per thousand views. Each Zapworks plan includes a set number of views. However, you have the option to discuss custom view packages with the team.

Can I upgrade from the Developer plan to Pro?

Yes, you can directly upgrade from Developer to Pro in your Zapworks account under Workspace settings.

Are there restrictions on unlimited views in the Developer plan?

We implement a fair usage policy that allows 50,000 'non-commercial' views on the developer plan. If you plan to publish large-scale XR projects, please consult with our team.

Can I fully white-label my XR projects?

Yes, Zapworks gives you full control over the branding and hosting of your content. Speak to one of the team about fully white labelling your next XR project with us.

Does Zapworks include access to analytics and performance metrics? Is there an additional cost for these features?

Yes, with every Zapworks plan you get access to our default data dashboard. You can also connect 3rd party analytics like Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity to your projects for enhanced measurement and reporting.

Which plans can I custom host projects with?

If you’re looking to host an XR project on a domain you own or one of your client's domains speak to the team today.

Where is my data stored?

All content uploaded to Zapworks is stored on secure AWS servers located in the EU (Ireland). The data is encrypted both during transit and while at rest. When a user scans a trigger, the data is securely delivered through a CDN.

Are there any additional costs related to security features or compliance with regulations (e.g., SSO, audit logs etc)?

If you require high-level security and data compliance for your XR projects, consider our Enterprise plan which is purpose-built for larger businesses with custom compliance and security needs. Please, consult with our team for more details.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your Zapworks subscription at any time. When you cancel your plan, your workspace will remain active until the end of your current billing term. At the end of your billing term, all projects built using Zapworks will immediately become inactive and read-only.

Do you have a non-commercial plan?

Yes, our Developer plan is an affordable option designed specifically for non-commercial use. This plan grants unlimited access to projects, our no-code/low-code tools for AR, VR, and WebXR, as well as our AR SDKs for Unity, Three.js, PlayCanvas, Babylon.js, and A-Frame.