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All personal users receive 5 free experiences and pay just £1.20 $1.50 €1.50 per additional experience.

For hobbyists, students and creatives, looking to build non-commercial AR experiences

  • 5 free experiences
  • Access to ZapWorks Designer
  • Access to ZapWorks Studio

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  • What is a Personal account?

    A Personal account is for users that are looking to create Augmented Reality experiences for non-commercial use. A typical use case is a developer looking to experiment with AR.

  • What is the difference between a Personal account and a Business seat?

    The clue is in the name. Business seats are for businesses and come with full analytics. Personal accounts are for non-commercial use only (e.g. making an AR birthday card for your sister, or a hobbyist developer looking to experiment with AR/VR/MR).

  • What qualifies as non-commercial use?

    By non-commercial use we mean solely for your own personal entertainment and not for any commercial, trade or professional purposes.

  • Can I upgrade from a Personal account to a Business seat?

    At Zappar, we don't really think of moving from a Personal account to a Business seat as an upgrade. If you are looking to try out ZapWorks for business use, we offer a great 30 day trial.