Space Competition

Welcome to the ZapWorks Space Competition. Submit your entry before Wednesday 27th June 2018 for the chance to win $750 and a ZapBox!

Space Competition

Theme: Space
Start: 17th May 2018
Deadline: 27th Jun 2018
Prize: $750 cash and a ZapBox developer kit

For the 4th ZapWorks competition, we’re taking AR into space. For this competition, we’re challenging you to build an experience in ZapWorks Studio that incorporates everything we’ve come to know and love about space exploration.

Inspired by the pioneering work of entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk of SpaceX, Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos of Blue Origin, as well as frontier busting government agencies such as NASA and the European Space Agency, we want you to create an AR experience that explores the ethereal and extra-terrestrial.

In terms of Studio functionality, we are offering you free reign this time around. Create a winning combination of any of the functionality and techniques we’ve used (and you’ve seen others use) in previous ZapWorks competitions including 360 Gyro, headset mode, masking and 2D and 3D animation. This is also a fantastic opportunity to use functionality you might not have worked on in the past.

Why not try to create a holographic message using transparent video? Or learn how to create objects in orbit using bezier curves? Or perhaps you could build an animated little green man character in your favorite 3D software and import it into Studio? Like our theme for this competition, the possibilities are boundless.

As well as asking you to build an experience using a space themed environment, we are looking for you to include some additional layers of interactivity and entertainment.

This can come in any number of different ways, for example:

  • Adding 3D models to your scene (bonus points for animation)
  • Creating a game mechanic where the user has to find and collect items
  • Using multiple scenes or environments that the user can switch between
  • Inclusion of a parallax image or 2D assets
  • Add tappable hotspots to display additional information
  • Utilize Headset mode (VR) and using raycasters for interactivity

Don’t forget to document your progress on the forum, our team and community are always happy to provide assistance and feedback along the way. Most importantly, the team at Zappar hope that this competition allows you to learn something new and as well as enjoy the challenge of building your experience. Good luck!

Entry requirements

Your entry must fulfill the below entry requirements.


  • Include a target image
  • Adhere to the space theme
  • Include some level of interactivity for the end user
  • Be built in ZapWorks Studio (although you can use 3rd party tools to develop your content before importing it into Studio)


  • Include copyright material

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Criteria for judging

Submissions will be judged on the quality of the entry and how skillfully the entrant combines the real world with the space theme to create an immersive experience. The winning entry will be the one that showcases both creative flair and technical skills.

Entrants will be judged on: 

  • Target image design (if you choose to design your own). Remember the need for a clear call-to-action instruction
  • The transition between the target image and the space environment
  • UI/UX - how well is the experience signposted
  • Entertainment value
  • Complexity - how complex the project is
  • Polish - SFX, nice animations, target events
  • Assets - quality of 3D models, 2D images, UI and 360 environments

Bonus points for: 

  • Adding 3D models to your scene (plus points for animation)
  • Create multiple scenes or environments that the end user can switch between
  • Adding tappable hotspots to display additional information
  • Documenting your progress in a WIP (Work In Progress) topic on the forum
  • Support for Headset mode (VR) and using raycasters for interactivity


Judging panel

Once again, your creations will be judged and critiqued an assortment of Zappar’s in-house team of AR experts. Judges include Lucas Perez, Creative Director, Anna Broadhurst, Lead Designer, & Tom Youel, Senior Creative.

Project assets

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