360 Gyro Competition

Welcome to the third ZapWorks competition. Submit your entry before Tuesday 27th March for the chance to win $500 and a ZapBox!

360 Gyro Competition

Theme: 360 Gyro
Start: 13th Feb 2018
Deadline: 27th Mar 2018
Prize: $500 and a ZapBox Mixed Reality Kit

Theme: 360 Gyro

Deadline: Tuesday 27th March

For this competition, we are challenging you to build an experience in ZapWorks Studio that incorporates Gyro-oriented environments. ZapWorks Studio supports using a device's gyroscope (and other sensors) for building experiences that can be explored by rotating the phone. The gyroscope environment support can be used with a 360 “photo sphere” panorama (a real world photographic asset) or a virtual 360 environment created with 2D or 3D design tools. You can also create a semi-transparent panorama where the live camera feed is seen in the background and digital elements positioned in the scene.

As well as asking you to create something using a gyro-oriented environment, we are looking for you to add in some additional layers of interactivity and entertainment.

This can come in any number of different ways, for example:

  • Adding 3D models to your scene (plus points for animation),

  • Creating a game mechanic where the user has to find and collect items,

  • Using more than onephoto sphere to create multiple environments that the user can switch between,

  • Incorporating 360 video,

  • Add tappable hotspots to display additional information,

  • Utilize Headset mode (VR) and using raycasters for interactivity.

Don’t forget to document your progress on the forum, our team and community are always happy to provide assistance and feedback alongthe way. Most importantly, the team at Zappar hope that this competition allows you to learn something new and as well as enjoy the challenge of building your experience. Good luck!

Entry requirements

Entry requirements:


    Must include a target image



    Must include a 360 panorama image or video



    Must include some level of interactivity for the end user



    Be built in ZapWorks Studio


Don't have ZapWorks Studio? Don't worry you can download it now

Criteria for judging

Entrants will be judged on:

  • Interactivity for the end user

  • Entertainment value

  • Complexity - how complex the project is

  • Polish - SFX, nice animations, target events

  • Assets - quality of 360 panoramas, 3D models, 2D images/UI

  • Transition between the target image and the gyroenvironment

  • Target image design (remember the need for a clear call-to-action instruction)

Bonus points will be awarded for:

  • Adding3D models to your scene (plus points for animation)

  • Creating a game mechanic where a user has to find and collect items

  • Using more than one 360 scene to create multiple environments that the end user can switch between

  • Including 360 video

  • Adding tappable hotspots to display additional information

  • Documenting your progress in a WIP (Work In Progress) topic on the forum

  • Support for Headset mode (VR) and using raycasters for interactivity.

Judging Panel

Once again, your augmented portal creations will be judged and critiqued an assortment of Zappar’s in-house team of AR experts. Judges include Lucas Perez, Creative Director, Anna Broadhurst, Lead Designer, & Tom Youel, Senior Creative.


Submit your experience before Tuesday 27th March to be in with a chance of winning $500.

Project assets

ZapWorks 360 Gyro Competition Competition

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