Zapworks Analytics

Zapworks Analytics

If you are in AR for the long term, you will want to learn what's working and what's not. Enter Zapworks Analytics, our automatic data dashboard and reporting product that will show you the performance metrics you need on all of your Zappar-powered campaigns.

Find value in data

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Learn what works

Understand what performs well and what doesn’t by comparing different call to actions, assets and campaigns, driving improvements and innovation.

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Custom events

Make every interaction measurable and accountable by implementing custom tags for any functionality within your Zapworks Studio experience.

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Understand your customers

Surface powerful insights on your customers, from what time of day they’re interacting with your product to which category or features they prefer - all in real-time.

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Measure ROI

Attribute traffic, sign-ups and sales to your campaigns. Compare alongside your existing marketing channels to offer complete oversight and maximum ROI.